Ina Dimitrova motivates children to talk about the future


The global Earth Speakr project will present children’s ideas for the future to European leaders.

The ambitious project Earth Speakr by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is an initiative on the occasion of the German presidency of the Council of the EU in 2020. The aim of the project is to leave their messages for the future of the planet through a specially created interactive and fun platform for the children of Europe. Selected proposals will be presented to Europe’s leaders and submitted to the European Parliament and other EU institutions. If you are an adult, visit https://earthspeakr.art/bg/ and find out what the children have to say about nature. If you are a child, you can record and upload your message to the platform and invite your friends to write down their ideas as well. The Earth Speakr app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. 

„We, from 360 ° magazine, stand firmly behind the ideas of the project, because we know how many unique children there are around us and we want them all to express their opinion. Children need to know that their future belongs to them, that their voice matters and that adults want to hear their ideas for a cleaner and greener environment. We will be happy if you help us more children use the platform to convey the purest messages to Europe’s leaders through children.“
The ambassador of the campaign is the diving instructor Ina Dimitrova. We talk about the water as an element, its second nature, the ways in which we maintain or damage the balance in the environment and how life underwater has changed over the years. In 2015, Ina reached a depth of – 201 meters in the Red Sea, setting a world record for scuba diving for women in Open waters. 
A small part of the conversation you can find below:
How do you listen to the future and are you ready to hear what it has to say? 
To be honest, I don’t really listen to the future because I prefer to listen to the present – it’s more important to me. Sooner or later the future becomes present and if you live correctly in the present moment, then your future will be correct. I don’t believe the future has to tell me anything different if I don’t build my present the way I want to live that future. 
How can each of us directly or indirectly influence the future of the planet? 
With every seemingly simple action on daily basis we can have a positive impact on the environment. Such as: not throwing rubbish on the ground; to stop the water while brushing our teeth; when we are camping to bathe with biodegradable shampoos; to use as little plastic as possible in our daily lives, etc. All these „small“ steps taken by each of us are, in fact, the direct ways that can lead to a better future for the planet. There is no universal salvation without individual transformation. 
 By what actions are you positive and respectively negative in your attitude towards the planet? 
 In my opinion, the only and most effective way to be positive and provoke change is through the personal example – this is the only way you have the chance to cultivate a different consciousness among others. It is also absolutely necessary to follow the ideas you proclaim to others in order to be correct in your attitude towards them. I am positive with my personal example, being a role model is how the people would hear and recognize me my actions. If I set a good example, my followers would also tend to do the same. Apart from that, I often organize initiatives for cleaning the sea, I give publicity to the problems related to the environment. In this sense, I think I have a fundamentally positive attitude towards nature. On the other hand, like every inhabitant of this planet, I still use the plastic sometimes, which is a problem of the consumerism we live in. However, I try to limit it as much as possible in many ways. Escape from the consumer society is difficult, but we can take steps in the right direction to change it for the better and live in a minimalistic way.
What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the planet? 
 The biggest challenge, in my opinion, is for people to understand that they are not at the top of the pyramid and to accept that they are part of the whole, of the connection in which we exist together with nature and the planet. We must live in sync and balance with nature – like all other beings – and not exceed our assigned „powers”. Returning to the whole of which we are a part and to live correctly in our attitude towards all other living creatures is absolutely essential. If we realize this, I believe everything will be fine. But if that doesn’t happen, there’s a very real chance for the planet to get rid of us. We are a microscopic part of the wholeness, and I don’t think there is any problem for the planet, in one way or another, to reject the parasites, we, humans are.
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